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I got help from my teachers.

He help me with my homework.He help me doing my homework.He help me to do the homework.Apple is helpful for our health.5组不成单词啊,是不是打错了??

help to do sth 就是帮助做某事.比如: I heip to do the housework. 我帮着做家务. help doing sth 通常用于 can't help doing sth. 意思是禁不住做某事 比如: I can't help eating more.我禁不住吃很多.

It can 【help do】many things. It can walk and talk, but it can't swim. 它能帮忙做很多事情。它能走路和说话,但它不会游泳。 I can't help do such a thing for the moment. 暂时不能帮助做这样的事情。

Can I help out? 我能帮忙吗? The foreman said he wanted a general dog's body to help out on the site. 领班说,他需要一个勤杂工帮助干工地上的活。 Help out, don't hinder. 帮帮忙,不要碍事。 He refused to accept help out of a fals...

help......with 有助于 1 Parents often give their time to help with classroom or after-school activities. 家长经常抽时间帮助教务或其他课外活动。 2 It 'll also limit your online time and even help with time-based billing for cert...

It did not help that the board and the management team were far more experienced than Hamlet. 董事会成员和管理团队比哈姆雷特经验更老道这一点于事无补。 Of course, it doesn 't help that the job market is still so wobbly, with une...

Can you help with my work? I will help you to repair the car.

help—— He has helped to raise a lot of money. My mum used to help cook the meals for the children. America's priority is to help nations defend themselves. do—— Do you like music? 'Do you have a metal detector? Do sit down. Do ...

首先with sb's help 不是is, 这里的's意思是“的” 没有其他写法,只能直接写's,你写成is整个意思就崩坏了 楼上的回答里program应该打错了吧?你是想写:With the teacher's help he has made great progress吧?(中文 经过老师的帮助他有了很大...

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