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hElp sB.Do sth.造句

She prayed now. "Lord, help me to find courage." 她马上祈祷道:“上帝呀,请赐我勇气吧。” I allowed her to help me to my feet. 我允许她扶我站起来。 Will you help me to take the size of the board? 帮忙量一下这木板的尺寸好吗? Pleas...

I help you make love。

没有help sb sth的用法埃 但是可以说:help sb do sth = help sb with sth = help sb to do sth 造一组同义句给楼主看一下: He helps me learn English. = He helps me with my English. = He helps me to learn English. 他帮助我学英语。 如...

没你这种说法 帮助某人做某事 help sb do sth We helped her (to) find her things. 我们帮她找东西。 help sb be sth My mother helps me be a young singer. 我妈妈帮助我成为一名小歌手

Please help me do homework. 请采纳

Our teacher often helps us solve some difficult problems.I help my mother do some cleaning.We help the students learn English.Lucy often helps Lily wash her clothes.He usually helps his mother do the housework.

I help my mother to do housework. help的用法: 可以是help sb do sth 也可以是help sb to do sth。这里的to可以省略。 希望我的答案对你有帮助

Can you help with my work? I will help you to repair the car.

He helps me to do the housework. to可以省略的。

The beautiful girl helped me to complete the most important goal of my life.

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